Speech of a Halloweendate

Gerne RT

© By Fridolin Wirbelwind

Die Frau mit der ich Halloween verbracht habe, hat mich gerade besucht.

Sie schreibt nun etwas zu Euch.

After a 1000 kisses, you did not try to force me. It was one of my best nights I ever had.You did not ask me, if I´m married, to took me as your loved one. I will remember you, for the rest of my life. I beg you, please do not think bad about me. It was a party, and we had no intercourse, even I regret it today. But this was the point, you never wanted to have Sex togehter. So beliefe me, you will be allways on my mind, And so I will teach my doughters. Everythnig may happen, but a good guy will really love you, at the moment he just want to cuddle.

If my Boyson (7) will be one day, as you are, I will be so proud.

I allready takeld to my husband. He was not amused, at the moment. But as I told him, we had no Sex, he wants to meet you. So, if it is okay with you, you will be invited to visit us in Dublin.

Just let us know, we pay the travel, back an force.

By the way, My name ist Carole-Marie, and I wrote this letter to Achims friends, because I wanted it“


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