Stone of Life by Hans-Joachim Pursche

A young boy walked allong a small creek near his hometown.

He had fun throwing stones into the running waters, to see them jump.

He knew this would never happen.

Suddenly he saw a real big one. He picked it up and it fitted right in his palm.

As he had it in his right hand, a picture of his dead parents appeared.

Now he took it in the other hand and in the same moment he could clearly see his grandparents on its surface.

So he got goosebumps coming up and he threw the stone back into the creek, right in the middle of the running waters.

After a couple days he took again, the trail along the creek.

As he walked just nothing in mind, his eyes get caught by a big, round pebble.

As he took a closer look to this stone, he realized that it was the same one he threw a few days ago in the middle of that creek.

He thought about kicking it back into the waters.

Suddenly the picture of his parents and his grandparents appeard again.

As he felt great fear coming up, the pebble fell out of his hands.

At the time it touched the ground, a voice took place in his mind.

If you kicking one stone out of your life, the next one is waiting just arround the corner. Do never kick out something that disturbs you, learn to deal with it.”


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